What is Circular Monday?


You might have seen this hashtag all over social media, but what does it mean?
In short, Circular Monday is the shopping day for circular consumption. It always occurs on the Monday before Black Friday. During this day, all the supporters (organisations, influencers, businesses) share posts on social media with the hashtag #circularmonday. Some businesses give discounts on circular goods and services.

Why is it a thing?

With the toxic approach to shopping that Black Friday encourages, overconsumption leads to an increased amount of waste as people are buying products they don't necessary need.

Circular Monday supports a more circular and sustainable attitude towards shopping which focuses on consuming what already exists.

How can I take part?

Share the message! Share a photo on social media that's related to the cause, including the hashtag #circularmonday and tag @tornvintage.

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Facts about Circular Monday:

  • Founded in 2017 in Malmö by the start-up company Repamera.
  • In 2019, companies from over 30 countries participated, from Kenya to Canada.
  • In 2020, the movement changed its name from White Monday to Circular Monday
  • Events on the theme of circular consumption are arranged around Europe.
  • Employees of participating companies & organizations are often dressed in white during the day.
  • It always occurs the Monday before the American shopping day Black Friday. This year, this is November 22nd.

Follow @circularmonday on Instagram and check out their website www.circularmonday.com for the world's largest database of circular companies and organisations - TORN vintage is on there, too!

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