SECOND HAND SEPTEMBER here! And we couldn't be any more excited about it 😍

second hand september


#SecondHandSeptember is a 30-day campaign run by Oxfam encouraging people across the UK to stop buying new clothes for the month in a bid to curb our fast fashion habits — and it's easy for everyone to get involved with.

While the change in how we shop should be permanent, the campaign exists to help us all rethink the way we consume for the sake of the planet. In the UK alone, around a whopping 11 million items of clothing end up in the landfill every day, research by Oxfam has found.

Some simple swaps, such as shopping second-hand, can make a mighty difference. The charity explains: "Join Second Hand September and pledge to shop only second hand for 30 days or more. You'll give clothes a longer life by keeping them from landfill. And by shopping with Oxfam, you'll be reinvesting your money into helping the poorest people on the planet earn a fair living and beat poverty."

How can you get involved?

💫 have a clearout

💫 swap clothes with friends

💫 shop secondhand

💫 upcycle your old garments

💫 continue the discussion on social media


And what about TORN vintage?


Well, we've got some exciting things in the works - amongst them, a new autumn collection to get you ready for the new season! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date 👀

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