Vintage Pop Up at Festival City Market (Waverley Market)

Vintage Pop Up at Festival City Market (Waverley Market) poster

Vintage & sustainable fashion lovers, this one is for you - mark your calendars! 📅 ✍️

I'm so excited to announce that TORN vintage will be popping up at Festival City Market, an amazing event taking place over selected dates during July & August.

Come shop a curated selection of contemporary looking vintage clothing as well as our popular deadstock vintage jewellery & other accessories 🌸

You will find us at our pop up space within Waverley Market, EH1 1BQ (old Superdry store) during:

16th-17th July (launch weekend)
22nd-24th July
29th July-28th August

Will you be joining us? 😘


Can't make it to the pop up or can't wait until then? Browse a selection of the stock that's available online.

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