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TORN vintage is a vintage womenswear shop specialising in contemporary looking vintage and preloved. We source, handpick and curate collections with the needs of our customers in mind and with a huge focus on individual style, sustainability and reusing what's already there. We have been operating for two years now - started online during covid and recently expanded into doing physical pops ups within Edinburgh. We have successfully popped up with Egg & Co on George Street, B's Vintage and Festival City Market. Our local customer base has been expanding at a fast pace and we are looking for a temporary, new team member to join us at our upcoming new pop up in Edinburgh City Centre!


We are looking for a sales assistant to work 2-3 days a week between 11th November to 23rd December.

The location will be in the very heart of Edinburgh, close to Waverley Station.

The role will entail helping our customers find what they're after, completing transactions and of course looking after the pop up space, making sure it's tidy and well displayed and replenishing stock. You will be working alongside other small businesses in a supportive, festive environment.

We are open to considering part time roles, too, so please consider applying even if you cannot commit to full time shifts!


  • At least two years experience in a customer facing enviroment, preferably retail

  • Excellent customer service skills with the ability to problem solve

  • An agile and customer focused approach

  • Enthusiasm for vintage & secondhand fashion and sustainable lifestyle


  • Comfortable with taking pictures/videos for social media

  • Merchandising skills

  • Comfortable with using POS systems to complete transactions (training wil be given nonetheless)

  • Be a registered sole trader/have UTR number


  • £10 hourly rate

  • 2% commision on your sales (on top of your hourly rate)

  • 15% staff discount

  • Networking opportunities

Apply by filling in the form below and we'll get back to you soon!

We respect you taking the time to apply, so we'll email you regardless of your application outcome.


Please send this application link to any friends or family you think might be interested in working with us. 
Deadline for applying: Tuesday 1st November 2022


*If you are having any issues with this form, please email us at contact@tornvintage.com


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